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Escorted Safaris

I will personally book your safari then accompany you and your party through the entire trip. I will meet you in Atlanta and assist you with your guns. We then fly to Johannesburg and overnight there unless hunting in South Africa. If hunting in another African country, after an overnight in Johannesburg we return to

Johannesburg International Airport the next morning and fly to our final destination. I will accompany you and the professional hunter each day as you hunt and video your hunts if desired and also accompany you on any side trips or photo safaris. When the safari is complete we will return to Johannesburg and fly home. On arrival home I will accompany you through US Customs and Immigration. Cost is $595.00 per day plus expenses. If you decide to use one of my rifles(257 Wby Mag,7mm Wby Mag,30-378 Wby Mag,416 Wby Mag or 460 Wby Mag) on safari the cost is $60/day plus $6/round.